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07 Nov 2017 by: Dr. Adrian Davis

An Examination of the Shifts in Cybersecurity & Risk Management

The proliferation of attacks on major organisations and Web-based companies alike, including Tesco, Equifax, TESLA,  AdultFriendFinder and more highlight that any business operating in, or linked to, cyberspace is at risk. Ransonware attacks in particular — WannaCry, Petya and others — go on to demonstrate that companies must expect and prepare for a constant level of threat that can be random in nature. The impact being felt around the world illustrates our economic and societal dependence on the Internet and IT, and just how vulnerable we have allowed ourselves to become

Dr. Adrian Davis outlines why Cyberattacks can no longer be thought of as a problem for the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and the security function alone to explore the key influences driving cyber security risk and requirements for its management.  Drawing on insights from the front-lines of defense—(ISC)²’s global membership of 125,000 cyber, information, software and infrastructure security professionals— and its Global Information Security Workforce Study, which has tracked workforce trends since 2004, this session illustrates the impact technical innovation is having on business management, government, and security oversight, including the expectations coming from legislators as unaddressed risks become ever more evident. Against this backdrop, the session also explores the skills and talent required, where they are needed and how to tackle barriers that are fueling a forecasted workforce gap of 1.8 million by 2022.

Delegates will be challenged to:

  • Benchmark current practices and how they stand up to today’s and tomorrow’s requirements.   
  • Formulate the discussions aimed at maturing an organizational approach to cyber risks
  • Broaden talent, development and staffing plans to account for the breadth of required skills 


Dr. Adrian Davis



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